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My Story? I Got a Million of Them!



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My story? I got a million of them! Should I tell you about the child of the handsome elven ranger and the saucy daughter of a gentry farmer? Or perhaps the one about laughing rogue who stole the heart of a pretty acolyte of Zilchus? Perhaps the story about the quick witted apprentice who outsmarted their portly master, the Wizard Zathos? Sure, Zathos was clever enough when it came to books and incantations, but gormless when it came to everything else. Maybe the one about the leader of an urchin gang who swept through market’s day like a windstorm and liberated countless victims of their valuables right under the eyes of the Watch.

Well, to tell the truth, none of those stories are about me, at least not directly. I come from a long line of highwaymen, thieves and rogues, the duBoroughs. Some say that we founded the Guild, but we never that important. We prefer to let others take the lead, while we reap the rewards. Mother was an apprentice to Zarthos, were in she met my father and together robbed him of everything he owned. My uncle, on my father’s side, was a cavalryman in the crazed Overking Ivid’s armies. When the inevitable came to pass, he turned to banditry, we think he may have a hold somewhere in the battlefield between the North Kingdom and Ahlissa, where he and his men raid both sides. He may have scampered away with a saucy wench or three in his time. That pretty acolyte of Zilchus? She my grandmother on my mother’s side. She also happened to be a priestess of Olidamara. And yes it was a set up for another grand heist. Let’s just say that the sniveling followers of Zilchus still, to this very day, hold a mighty grudge against us. It may well be why we seem to get all the gold but never really keep it. 

As for me, oh gentle sir, I am but a humble servant, at your service. Need to pawn off a valuable gem, come to me. Need something lifted in a hurry without worry, I am your man. When dirty deeds need to be done they will be done, but they never come dirt cheap.

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