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Mass Effect/AEC: Chapter 9 (c.3)- Watcher




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He exhaled a long plume of cigarette smoke. He smoked because he predecessor smoked. He sat in the chair in an empty office because that was what he predecessor did. He read from data pads and watched information through a dozen holo displays because that was how he did it. He could have streamed the information through his neural network, Yet, inexplicably, he enjoyed to simulate his forebears affectations down to the attractive female assistant that brought him another data pad to read.

She handed him the data pad, “The report on Avernus station, sir.”

“Thank you Caroline,” he said. Caroline turned to leave, “Caroline, what is your assessment of the report.”

Caroline stood in attention, “Your counterpart made several crucial errors.”

“Such as?”

“One, relying on batarian support. They are unreliable even in the best of times. Two, attempting to assassinate Commander Thompson-Ramos. Even if it had succeeded he has powerful friends that would have investigated his death and that would have led directly to us. Three, poor operational security created a easy trail for Thompson and his team to follow. Four, the use of Avernus as a command center with only one exit point left him no room to maneuver when the enemy showed up at his doorstep. Due to his blunders we lost ten years of work in a matter of months.  A sloppy operation all around, sir.”

He waved her off, “Thank you, Caroline.”

“Yes sir,” she said.

She was correct in all points. His counterpart overconfidence cost them dearly and now it was up to him to pick up the pieces. He opened another holo-window. It showed a real time picture of a civilian shuttle in flight courtesy of one thousands of intel satellites in orbit around colonies across the galaxy, courtesy of  Van Buren Infotek, formerly Tai-Yong Cybersecurity out of Hong Kong. Disguised as communications satellites and linked to the extranet through the comm-buoy system they served as one of the platforms at his disposal.

“It seems that Lord Darcy’s men are equally as ineffective.  Perhaps it is time to give them a wake up call,” he said aloud. With a press of a button he sent a message to one Major Wagner of the Libertas Defense Force. “Perhaps this will motivate them.” He then put out the butt of the cigarette in ashtray on the armrest, lit another and continued with his work.



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