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TV Tropes Monday: Cyber Punk is Techno

Tweet of the Day: Lara’s Fall 


Cyber Punk is Techno, because if you want to convey the strident sour notes of a technological dystopia, nothing says that like electronic music. But this trope shows that all art is a product of its times. Cyberpunk is techno precisely because that was how the collective ID of the 80s saw the future. Back then the future was slick chrome and neon graphics (because that what was the computers at the time could produce with limited color palettes), synthesizers (because you could pick up a Yamaha keyboard for a couple of hundred bucks at Sears) and ultraviolence (a way to codify the madness of the Cold War).

Of course what once was new became normal, then trite and finally retro. And so it goes….

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