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TV Tropes: Predatory Business




Tweet of the Day: Writers of the Future Recap, Part 1: The Story


Need a Big Bad ™ in a story set in a small town? One that incorporates all the evils of the modern world? Bring out the Predatory Business! A soulless corporate entity that cares nothing about tradition, human interactions or community is the best villain to have in such setup. Throw in either a well meaning city-slicker who has to learn a lot about love, the value of human life and you’re good to go. Or maybe the representative of said business is a smarmy, cowardly former member of the community. Who better to help the masses betray their way of life than someone who was born to such life. If he is a local big shot, like a politician or business man, even better (or worse).

Of course, this also creates some visceral emotions. We all love cheap prices, but nothing of real value is cheap. So, do your characters want to buy soda by the lot or do they want that cool lemonade the kids make every summer? That is for you, o gentle writer to decide.

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