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Space for Rent: The Privileged Mocking of “Safe Spaces”


I find it painfully hilarious, as in I don’t want to laugh at due to seriousness of the subject, that those that decry “safe spaces” are the very people that don’t need them, or at least believe they don’t crave them. But are not our homes, schools, and job places supposed to be “safe spaces” of one kind of another? Have you ever heard of black student unions, gay bars, and other places where the marginalized gather away from the constant barrage of insults, slurs and outright physical abuse?

It is so easy to mock safe places when you always feel safe in your person, in your words, in your attitude. When you can afford a front lawn a mile long and five mile wide to keep the paparazzi at bay, travel in private jets and dine at the most exclusive locations around the world without catching a whiff of the those who work tirelessly to make sure there is nary a blemish on the landscape.  That you can walk the streets with a rifle strapped to your back or a pistol on your hip because that makes you feel safe. Or how you ensconce yourself in a media bubble that reinforces your world view while excluding any and all ideas that might contradict it let alone any facts that may pop said bubble.

Because it all boils down to one thing: power. And safe places (no quotes necessary here) either rob the privilege of their power or force them to share that power.  That is the real issue here. So before you chuckle at “safe spaces” from the comfort of your living room, well, look around, Bob, who sets the rules in your house, in your “safe place”?


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