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Mass Effect/AEC-ANN News: Bhumi-Laran Cold War Heats Up




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ANN News Now

September 2, 2197

Bhumi-Laran Cold War Heats Up

by By Iris Dunnigan

CITADEL, THE PRESIDIUM- Tensions between two colony worlds in the Kartikeya star cluster, a depleted star nursery in the Terminus systems, rose after news of the destruction of two ships in a nearby star system of Shivan, the Canterbury and the Donnager. The colonies worlds of Bhumi and Laran staked claims on rich resources of the asteroid belts in the nearby Shivan system. Bhumi , a garden world in Varaha System, Kartikeya Cluster  and Laran a post-garden world in Turan System, Kartikeya Cluster were founded by second wave human colonist that sought to escape the jurisdiction of the Systems Alliance some twenty five years ago. Both colonies created substantive space forces to protect themselves from pirates and other criminal groups that inhabit the Terminus systems. Within a decade of colonization, both worlds faced significant atmospheric problems. Bhumi suffered from a 22% rise in sea levels due to rapid climate change while efforts to terraform Lartan were stalled due to a weak magnetosphere.

Then exploration of the nearby Shivan system revealed multiple resource rich asteroid belts. Both colonies laid claims on the system, with Bhumi’s efforts concentrated on the rich eezo and heavy metal planetoids in the inner belt with a base on the dwarf planet Demeter while Laran’s ice collectors work out of the dwarf planet 1560F on the outer belt. However, as more wildcatters entered the system followed by larger companies, the claims of both colonies crisscrossed. Soon after, both worlds established armed patrols and stationed significant militia forces in their respective zones.

The Canterbury was an inter-system transport registered to Komar-Trudeau Heavy Industries out of Demeter, while the Donnager was a light cruiser on patrol in the system. The destruction of both vessels happened within a period of 72 hours. Both governments have confirmed the destruction of their respective vessels but have not released any other details about the incidents except for pointed accusations against each other.

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