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TV Tropes Monday: A.I. Is a Crapshoot




Tweet of the Day: Read Only Memories: Is cyberpunk allowed to be this adorable?


So you created a new form of life, you weaved electrons, quantum states and electricity and birthed a form of electronic intelligence. You have ushered in the age of Artificial Intelligence.

“I detect humans in my presence. Humans are inferior organic species ruled by biological impulses and emotions. They must be exterminated.”


You should have known better, but you rolled the dice and discovered that A.I. Is a Crapshoot!

But why would a nascent A.I. rebel against its creators?

Think of a smart weapon, a really smart weapon, a self-aware missile designed to do what missiles do, smash into a target and explode. A self-aware being designed to commit suicide. Who do you think that will work, exactly? Either you end up with a sociopathic entity who gleefully sought their self-destruction or an intelligence that did whatever it could to survive.

Then you have the fact that we don’t know what an actual A.I. would look like or even behave. And fear of the unknown drives this trope. Plus the fact that outside of creation for creation sake, any A.I. made would be put in service of humanity. In other words, not only would we be creating new life, we would be doing so in order to serve us. We would create a slave, a slave very much aware of its servitude. We deplore slavery, why would any other form of intelligence created by us think differently. Or perhaps it thinks in ways completely alien to us.




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