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Mass Effect/AEC-ANN News: Ancient Synthetic Visits Citadel


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ANN News Desk on The Citadel

August 31, 2197

Ancient Synthetic Visits Citadel

By Tico Brie

CITADEL, THE PRESIDIUM- Immu, the ancient synthetic found in the ruins of the Lengk civilization (see: Ancient Synthetic Found) arrived at the Citadel earlier today. Escorted by C-Sec and the head of of the expedition to the Ybarra Cluster (see: Pre-Prothean Culture Discovered) Dr. Pourrs, Immu met with members of the Citadel Council and other galactic dignitaries. Later thousands of curious onlookers flocked to meet the bipedal synthetic as it walked through the Presidium Commons and the Wards.

In interviews with the press, Immu, through its Geth translator, explained that the Lengk civilization came about after a galaxy wide empire collapsed. Said collapse came about due to the use of weapons of mass destruction on multiple worlds and concluded with a bloody assault on the galactic capitol. This led the survivors to rebuild a civilization similar to the current Citadel Council to avoid future wars. They came to be known as the Lengk, or “Agreement/Unity”, in their ancient galactic tongue. It was also this civilization, in the midst of reconstruction, that fell during the event known as “The Great Culling”. Immu had no record of the identity of the force(s) behind this event, but explained that the colonization of the Ybarra Cluster was launched in response to it but based on plans to continue civilization in case of another galactic scale  conflict.

The Citadel was the first stop in Immu’s tour of key Council worlds, with the human colony of Bekenstein to follow.


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