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TV Tropes Monday: What do you mean, it’s not political?


Tweet of the Day: The Recipe for a Black Hole


What do you mean, it’s not political?

That…that is a very good question. I mean, if art is a reflection of reality in some way, shape or form, it follows that part of that reflection would have a political dimension.

Except when it doesn’t.

Or it doesn’t fit the audience or critics preconceptions.

Or the audience kills the author in order to get their way.

Yet, even if the author never meant to inject any sort of deeper meaning to a story, it is still a product of the person, time and place. Sometimes an author meant to make a political statement, but one so dangerous that it had to be hidden. The truly universal works speak of basic human truths which allow each generation to reinterpret the story to fit their experience both individually as well as collectively. Then you have a work that by itself contains no ulterior message, but as part of larger genre or body of work it enforces certain ideas or standards.

So, is it political?

We will always ask, and the answers, well, the will be aplenty.


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