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TV Tropes Monday: Constructed World


Tweet of the Day: Happy Leap Day 2016!


The Constructed World is the epitome of World Building. Literally the very definition of building, well, a world. From landmasses to cultures, languages to economies, a writer (or a team of writers) sat down (or stood around, their choice, I guess) and crafted an entire fictional world for their stories. Sometimes it happens even before the write the first word in an actual story or it comes together over a series of iterations.

This is a very common trope in Fantasy fiction perhaps because it grants the writer freedom to create without the burden of “historical accuracy” and the reader more room to suspend their disbelief. Floating islands in the sky? A wizard did it? A utopia of talking octopuses? Why not? Of course, they tend to borrow heavily from human culture, but being set in fictional world means you can mix and match at your hearts content. It also allows for that medieval stasis fantasy writers love so much.


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