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Tales of Sanctuary: The Plains of Stone



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Many leagues to the North of the Great City of Sanctuary, the Heart of Civilization, lies the Plains of Stone. Strange stone formations, free standing arches of enormous size, humanoid faces mesh with the surrounding hills making it difficult to determine where the land ends and the sculpture beginnings.  All of these constructs, for they are clearly artificial, are made of what appear to be single blocks of stone, with no breaks, tears or cracks on the surface.  Different types of stone make up these structures, from light sandstone to dark basalt. Regardless of the material, all of the formations resist any attempt to break them or alter them, be it by tool or magic.

Locals nomads have a different name for the area, the Land of Giants. The name is obvious enough when the ground shakes beneath one’s feet. Single giants, clad in rough skins walk among the Stones. But these are not mere cousins to Ogres or Trolls. These beasts are so tall, that flocks of ravens circle their crowns and their har brush against the white clouds of the Sky. Yet they come and go among the swift fogs that sweep through the valley without leaving a trace. Sages believe that these are mere apparitions from an Otherworld that brushes against our reality in this area.


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