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TV Tropes Monday: A Fete Worse Than Death



Tweet of the Day: The man that made “the worst video game in history”


Sometimes the event of the season is to die for, literally, and when that happens you are in A Fête Worse than Death. What makes this trope interesting is the dueling aspects of any large social gathering. On one hand, a fair, ballroom dance or similar affair is a time to let one hair down and have fun. A scene that is inviting and accommodating, specially to newcomers.

On the other, it leads to clashes with your social peers, constant judgement about ones behavior and/or appearance, etc. Navigating a sea of possible faux pas, but real and imagined is enough to some people flee in terror. Then you have the crowds, pressing in on all sides. A particularly dangerous situation for children.  Throw a gruesome end and you have the perfect horror set up.



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