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Mass Effect/AEC: Systems Alliance Intelligence Recognition Guide 2191


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Systems Alliance Navy Recognition Guide 2191, Pirate Warships, Cleared for use for all active and allied personnel under Clause 347 of the Treaty of Farixen.

With the introduction of the Kowloon Class of modular transports by Vosks/Trans-Planetary Shipping in 2170s the ship’s modularity, ease of maintenance and sturdiness made it a popular design within Systems Alliance’s space as well as the nearby Terminus Systems. This in turn made it a target for bands of mercenaries, pirates and other criminal organizations. Said organizations then equipped the captured vessels with a variety of weapon systems. Naval personnel have given colorful names to the “classes” of warships over the years.

WARNING: Do to the modular construction of the Kowloon Class and the ad hoc modifications on each vessel by a variety of operators the acceleration, maneuverability, and weapons vary widely from ship to ship. The broad classifications below should serve as a guide when encountering these vessels.

Baka (The Fool)

Design Characteristics 

Bakas are armed with up to twelve rapid fire cannon hybrid mass accelerator turrets/missile launchers and between 100-200 disruptor torpedoes or other missile armament. Theoretically the turrets are capable of disabling a target’s kinetic barriers due to their high volume of fire, whilethe sheer amount of torpedoes in a single Baka is enough to destroy even the heaviest Dreadnought. In practice few Bakas can get close enough to fire their payloads, not only because a cruiser’s main and secondary armament far outrange the Baka‘s weapons but most Bakas lack a GARDIAN point defense network or significant amounts of armor. That makes them vulnerable to enemy fighters and frigates. The turrets taken from ground side aerospace defense networks are less accurate than GARDIAN counterparts and unable to stop volleys of missile fire from a fighter squadron or a frigate’s Javelin launcher.

For these reasons Bakas rarely confront warships. Instead they swap their torpedo armament with high explosive and chemical warheads. A single Baka can neutralize the defenses of a small colony or space station in a single attack, opening the way for pirates and slavers to capture the target.

Operational History

The first reported use of a Baka by Alliance personnel occurred during the Batarian raid on the colony world of Mindoir. Missiles armed with paralyzing neuro-toxin, EMP, and high-explosives warheads destroyed the colony’s defenses. They then provided cover to the raiders with their mounted turrets. They retreated when Alliance reinforcements arrived on the scene.

The next encounter occurred in the Skyllian Blitz. There, Alliance frigate wolf packs and fighter squadrons destroyed dozens of them as they attempted to close with the Alliance cruiser squadron. It was over the skies of Elysium that the class earned its name. One Lieutenant Commander Asami Sato repeated the word over open comm channels as the fighter wing under her command decimated the enemy.

The Bakas proved their worth in the Battle of Earth. Cover fire from allied cruisers allowed the Bakas of Strike Fleet Gold (under the command of Aria T’Loak) to close with a dozen Reaper destroyers. The Bakas massive volleys damaged or destroyed multiple targets, but they were destroyed in turn by swarms of Occuli that punched through the allies’ fighter screen.




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