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Mass Effect/AEC-ANN News: Wedding Album Scandal



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From: Alliance News Entertainment Desk

May 19, 2197

Wedding Album Scandal

By Joan Calder

MILGROM, BEKENSTIEN– Scandal rocked the galactic entertainment industry when the Major Frauds division of the Milgrom Police Department (Bekenstein) uncovered that the heads of a major charity Wounded Warriors  (a charity for war veterans of the Reaper Invasion) absconded with over 150 million credits in donations that stemmed from the proceeds of the Wedding Album.  A  group of artist, led by Sheryl Stone recorded their live performances as part of the Lawson-Thompson reception party (see Lawson-Thompson Nuptials). They pledged 100% of the profits from the Wedding Album to charities for veterans and their families.

The MPD launched an investigation of the charity based on an anonymous tip. The investigation discovered that the non-profit CEO (Alberto Ochoa) and CFO (Jan Mulderberg) not only stole the bulk of the profits from the album, but skimmed as much as 10% of the donations received over the past 9 years. Inspector Rebecca Wong estimated the total amount may exceed 500 million credits. Judge Karl Denton set the accused trial date for September of this year.


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