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Mass Effect/AEC: Chapter 5 (c.3)-Honeymoon



Tweet of the Day: A Map Year


Star Set Bungalow, Stenier Resort, Sagan Bay, Bekenstein, Serpent Nebula, August 24, 2197

The afternoon sun bathed the bay in soft orange light. The edge of the pool merged with the horizon. It was an illusion but one that encourage the eye to wonder away to where the ocean kissed the sky. Miranda rested on her chest in the lounge pool chair, black  and silver one piece bikini stripped to the waist. A bottle of lotion and a empty cocktail glass laid on the ground beside her.

She pointed down at them, “Theo….”

“Refill and a retouch?” I asked.


“Coming right up,” I said.

A quick trip to the bungalow’s kitchen solved the drink situation. I handed her a Piña Colada and got to work. The lotion smelled of equal parts cocoa, coconut and vanilla. I started on the nape of her neck and worked my way down. Pressed down a finger underneath her shoulder blade, then two followed the palm of the hand in a circular motion. My fingers explored every contour, danced on every muscle. caressed every section of her soft skin.

“Mmmm…” she murmured.

I rubbed more lotion on my hands, “I was good to see Galeena and Rodan again, not to mention Coats. Funny thing is, when I on T-RS I missed being a marine, and now that I’m back with the Alliance I miss T-RS.”


“You’re not listening, are you?”


“So, what about dinner? Shall we order in, go out or I whip something up?”

“I’m not doing the dishes again.”

“So you are listening, Mrs. Thompson.”

“Always, Mr. Lawson.”

I knead her lower back then traced circles with my thumbs. A beep sounded somewhere inside the house.

“Oh, oh,” I said.

“What is it?” Miranda asked.

“A message got through the VI filters. I’ll see who it is.”

I went straight for the comm console. It was a priority message from the Alliance.



From: Councilor Chen Wei-Len

Apologies for cutting your leave short, Commander, but you are needed on the Citadel as soon as possible. Come with full kit plus dress blues.  Sorry that I could not attend the wedding. Heard it was a blast. Expect you here shortly.


Chen Wei-Len (Ambassador)

Miranda looked over my shoulder, “And we had one day left.”

“That we had. We will grab something to eat on the way,” I said.


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