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Space for Rent: Hillary Clinton & The Politics of Sexual Distraction




In today’s cesspool of American politics (and yes politics is always a cesspool) you have two parties:

A reactionary, racist, hateful, pack of hyenas,

A collection of imbecilic baboons that speak in simplistic tones about things the know nothing about,

A bunch of dreamers that dream of vacant pasts that never were and should never be,

The party of sheer terror.

Then you have the Democratic Party. It is the party of the status quo. The party that relies on the promise that they are not as bad as the other guys. That they will protect you from the nasty troglodytes on the other side. They will keep them out of your bedroom and your vagina. Except that the other side keeps moving the goalpost, creating a new normal. And the democrats simply move along with it. Remember that Hillary Rodham-Clinton is, like her husband, a New Democrat, also known as a Reagan Democrat.

You might not remember Olde Reagan, he of a New Morning in America, with his Imperialist mindset that gave birth to the Neocons. He who doubled down on the War on Drugs. A war that Bill Clinton doubled down again in the 90s. He who slashed at welfare, sheltered the most radical elements of his party (while never fully giving in to them), he who told us government was the problem, not the solution.

They say failure has many fathers, and when it comes to the current situation, Regan is one of them.

But the democrats know how important your bodily autonomy is to you, as it should be. Well, if your white upper middle class ladies. The violation of a black woman’s bodily autonomy in a jail cell before and after death, not so much. The respect due to young children and women desperately escaping the horrors of the Drug War, not so much. Or if you are gay, lesbian or transgender, well we will come around to that when society comes around to it, but not before.

It is minimum action for maximum electoral results,

It is the magician’s misdirection while he tosses the coin aside,

It is the Great and the Powerful screaming, “Don’t look behind the curtain!”

But what happens when girls die on the street with their hands up, or their hands cuffed.

Then the status quo, the old tricks, don’t work anymore.


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