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Mass Effect/AEC-ANN News: Ancient Synthetic Found in Ruins



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ANN News Desk on The Citadel

August 18, 2197

Ancient Synthetic Found in Ruins

By Tico Brie

CITADEL, THE PRESIDIUM- A recent discovery among the ruins found in the Ybarra cluster shocked the galactic archaeological community. The activation of an ancient data bank revealed that the expedition underestimated the age of the ruins by over 300,000 years. Furthermore the archaeologist found a damaged but well preserved synthetic inside the data vault. The synthetic, created under a bipedal body plan, attempted to flee from the archaeologist while it shouted a word that the expedition linguist translated into “Destroyer(s)”. A Geth observer platform was brought in to interface with the damaged synthetic. After several minutes, the synthetic identified itself as Immu. Through its Geth translator, Immu revealed several facts about the civilization that colonized the cluster:

  • The name of the civilization was Lengk, not Spemin.
  • The term Spemin referred to “enemies” and/or “traitors”
  • The Lengk were a coalition of races that escaped from the grasp of the Uhladon or “Destroyers”
  • The Spemin undermined the defenses of the Lengk in preparation for the attack of the Uhladon
  • The Spemin opened or corrupted the “Gate of the Gods” which opened the way to the Uhladon invasion.
  • The Lengk had some warning of the attack and turned their systems into bastions while they prepared an expedition to the Ybarra cluster
  • Spemin agents discovered the plan and sabotaged the cryo-genetic stock aboard the generation ships
  • The sabotage combined with the self-imposed isolation among the colonies in the cluster due to an absolute prohibition on the use of the “Star Gates” led to the eventual collapse of the colonies in this region of space.
  • The collapsed occurred over 100-300 years (standard) after the Lengk arrival in the cluster.
  • Immu’s mission, along side other synthetics, was the preservation of the Lengk’s legacy until they were reunited with survivors of their civilization or a new advanced species discovered the ruins.

Dr. Leerry Pourrs concluded that even with Immu’s help, it could take decades to reactivate and decipher the vast treasure trove of data left by the Lengk.


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