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TV Tropes Monday: City of Adventure


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Tweet of the Day: Mediocre Confidence


Some stories take the protagonist on the road. They wander the world or universe. They right wrong, fight monsters and commiserate  over their lost love, sometimes they do all three at the same time. A story set in the City of Adventure is not that kind of story. This city has it all. You need a bunch of animals running amok? Go to the zoo. Need a seedy goings in the middle of the night. Pick between slums, warehouse districts and ports. Political intrigue? Visit the Mayor’s office. Court room drama? The King’s Bench is always in session.

Question is, does your City of Adventure has that something, that je ne se quoi that makes it stand out among the many other possible settings? Is it populated by interesting characters that make it come alive? Does it have a history that makes it feel unique? A city of adventure craves these things, and yes it craves, since the best of them are characters unto themselves. Without these qualities they are empty husks.

And if that is the case, then it is time to hit the road.


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