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TV Tropes Monday: Artifact of Doom


Tweet of the Day: I Have Failed…This Story


You have MacGuffins and then you have the Artifact of Doom for when you must creep out, consume, corrupt and destroy your characters and setting. Such an Artifact often is the work or an ancient civilization or godly power. It may have been meant to do great things, or simply as a paperweight, but regardless it now oozes raw power that corrupts all that it touches. It may be intelligent or simply just evil. Even if it isn’t evil onto itself, it holds the promise of great power, and well absolute power corrupts absolutely so….

Simply put, it is a good way to give your MacGuffin a little bit of character or turn it into a character. The Artifact of Doom doesn’t simply exist it acts upon the world, and often is a cornerstone of the setting as well as the plot.


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