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Kingmaker: Atreius’ Diary

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Waterday, Richfest, 599 CY

Rita knows, she always knows. And that mischievous grin hasn’t left her face the whole day. Sure I came in late last night, or early this morning, blast the dogs for waking the whole house up, except for Father who was already at the Guild. But can anyone blame me? Midsummer Night engulfed the Free City, a celebration of our collective survival from the Tide of Worms. The city has her enemies, the evil machinations of the Old One to the North, and the slobbering orcish hordes of the Pomarj not so far to the South. But worm filled corpses? Had it not been for the actions of the guard and the priest the city would have fallen to them.

But last night was a night to remember, or I should remember some of it. Between the drink, the masks, the dancing, and a bit of a tumble in one of Lord Braven quest rooms with Trisha, well it is all a blur. A blur of passion, laughter, and…it was all I imagined and more. She is a remarkable woman and I, I am lucky. Oh so very lucky to have her.

Freeday, Goodmonth, 599 CY

Mother came to visit. She said that my powers were in full bloom. That means it is time for me to decide what to do next. I am not one for books like Acton. The studies in the University suit him well. Books do not shout back when the rages overcome him nor do they grimace when the euphoria sweeps his spirit. Old Bartel’s tonics are the only thing that keeps his even tempered.

Mother will leave soon to for another mission in the North. I’ll make sure to buy her something nice before she leaves.

Moonday, Readying,  600 CY

What was Athos thinking? Our brother is in no shape to go adventuring in the Shield Lands. I know our family has strong connections to the kingdom. Father funnels every bit of gold he can to the forces there, defends refugees in Greyhawk courts pro-bono and of course Athos joined the Knights of Holy Shielding in their crusade against the Old One. But he should know that Acton is in no shape to wander the wilderness or hunt down bandits.  Or at least he would know if he ever came to visit. But his resentment of me runs too strong. The steely glances, the curl lips. I know the signs. I didn’t kill his mother, blight took her, blight and war. Nor it is Father’s fault that in his time of need he found Mother after he lost his wife.  Elves rarely take humans as lovers but it does happen. And I happened. Neither Acton nor Rita hold that against me.  But no matter, Acton would surely abandon everything to heed big brother’s call to action.

Waterday, Readying, 600 CY

I talked to Trisha. She was so excited about Athos letter. She always wanted to put her magic to use. She is as bored about the Magic’s Guild practices as I am with the empty maneuvers between lords, the petty fights Father must officiate, and senseless bureaucracy.  She is a capable mage and my own powers grow. If she leaves I shall follow.

Earthday, Readying, 600 CY

We said our goodbyes in the best way possible. She surprised me with a locket. Something to remember her by, she said. Not that I would ever forget her.  Now I must speak to Father and make my own preparations. The North and my destiny beckons.


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