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Mass Effect/AEC-ANN News: Hearings End in a Bombshell


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ANN News Desk

From Alliance News Desk on New Arcturus Station

June 4, 2197

Hearings End in a Bombshell

By Jill Scarlett

NEW ARCTURUS STATION– The hearings on the conduct of the Alliance Intelligence front company, Thompson-Ramos Security Services(see Alliance Dissolves TRS), and the recent attacks by Cerberus forces against the Terminus colony of Chav took an unexpected turn when Minister Nomusa Cele of the African Union responded to a line of questioning directed at (Cmdr. AN) Theodore Thompson-Ramos about his time as CEO of said company. Minister Cele revealed that on May 28, 2196 Thompson-Ramos led a joint turian/human force in an attack against a batarian terrorist fleet orbiting the Terminus colony of Korlus.

In what now is been called the Battle of the Imir relay, the fleet of human warships intercepted the bulk of the terrorist fleet that escaped the attack by a turian cruiser squadron. Minister Cele further revealed that the batarian ships were loaded with a deadly biological agent known as the, “Blood Plague” which was modified to destroy the human circulatory system causing death by clotting arteries, heat failure, and multiple aneurysms, among a host of other symptoms. ANN News has received reports from inside the Turian Hierarchy that confirm the existence of said agent and one leaked estimate puts the possible death in the millions with no known antidote known at this time.

Sources within the Citadel Council revealed to ANN News that T-RS was disbanded in order to divert public attention away from the reasons behind the confrontation near the Imir relay. Said sources speculated that if the news of the attack became public knowledge, Alliance public opinion would call for a immediate retaliation against batarian targets in the Terminus systems. If the Alliance military launched such an attack unilaterally, it would have stretched Citadel forces to the breaking point, as Alliance units are key in protecting current Citadel space in the wake of the Reaper Invasion. Other sources close to both the Citadel Council and the Alliance Parliament expressed the fear that such an attack would have derailed support for the Batarian Assembly and their efforts to retake their home world of Khar’shan.

Minister Thu Van Thieu, Chairman of the Alliance Parliament Sub-Committee on Military Intelligence, called an immediate and indefinite recess to the hearings. He referred the matter of Minister Cele revelation of secret information to the Parliamentary Ethics Committee for further investigation. It is unlikely that Minister Cele will face legal sanctions due to parliamentary immunity, but she may face pressure to step down from her post on the Sub-Committee.

Report filed by Jill Scarlett for ANN News from New Arcturus Station.


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