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TV Tropes Monday: The Farm Boy



Tweet of the Day: The Difference Between a Great Story and a Shitty Story Is Often a Really Tiny


You want a fresh faced protagonist, that while skilled doesn’t know much about the world at large. Hard to find him among them city slickers, but a Farm Boy will do (or if romance is afoot, do you) anytime.  Whether he is long lots nobility, a fish out of water or holds the secret to saving the universe, the farm boy usually starts humble, young (hence the boy) and may be eager to get out of the farm and explore the world. Or he may want to stick around the homestead because Pa and Ma really need him, and he has an eye on Debbie, his childhood sweetheart. No matter, the Call Knows Where You Live boy, and she ain’t going to wait.

Drama demands that the farmstead be burned to the ground, while a comedy may have the local banker lusting after a prime piece of real state. Either way, the boy must turn into a man by traveling into the City to confront the evil that awaits him, in the typical fashion of the Hero’s Journey. He will either trounce the baddies and return to the farm, or if it is a darker story, move on to bigger and better things.


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