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Mass Effect/AEC-ANN News: Cartoonist Tried In absentia


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ANN News Desk on The Citadel

May 20, 2197

Cartoonist Tried In absentia

by By Iris Dunnigan

CITADEL, THE PRESIDIUM- J.J. Clancy (birth name: Jane Jackqueline Clancy) famous cartoonist behind the alternate reality fiction Laura the Star Fighter was tried In absentia by the Tribunal of Justice and Peace under orders of Lord Darcy, Lord Magistrate of the human-dominated colony of Libertas (Argos Rho/Attican Traverse).  Libertas was settled early in the second wave of human expansion after the First Contact War/Relay 341 incident (year of foundation: 2158) by an expedition let by Johan Damacy as a massive experiment in establishing a independent and self-sufficient world from the Alliance government based on Anarcho-Capitalist socioeconomic principles. 

The experiment collapsed within the year and by 2159 a Reform Dominionist theocracy rose under Damacy’s younger brother who proclaimed himself as Lord Darcy the First. Darcy launched a series of reforms based on a strict view of Abrahamic religions imposed across the colony. These “reforms” stressed the creation of large families, the blending of the church with state, and obedience to a strict law code that emphasized the superiority of humans over other species. The colony endured several raids from the Terminus systems which were vigorously repulsed by government forces. Rumor has it that the raids stopped when several suicide commandos launched attacks on several pirate bases with multi-kiloton explosive devices. The population swelled with thousands of human refugees escaping the horrors of the Reaper Invasion now making it one of the most populated in the Traverse.

J.J. Clancy lived and worked on the colony since its foundation but only ran into trouble with the government when a recent story line, The Dames of Starlight, saw the protagonist entangled in a romantic triangle with an asari singer named Ariadne and her female turian bodyguard, Tarpeia. Lord Darcy ordered Clancy’s arrest under Section 59 of the Julian Acts for the Preservation of Family and Marriage. Clancy went into hiding soon afterward although new chapters of Laura the Star Fighter are regularly posted on multiple mirror sites (official and otherwise) across the Extranet.

While the Theocracy of Libertas does not recognize Alliance or Citadel authority, the Alliance Parliament has warned that any violation of Alliance citizens rights will be prosecuted by the relevant authorities to the fullest extent of the law. So far, Citadel authorities have deferred to the Alliance on this matter.


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