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TV Tropes Monday: Casting a Shadow



Tweet of the Day: Ten Brides


Do you like to weave the dark matter of the universe into intricate shapes? Summon dark shadowy spirits from the nether realms? Unleash total darkness from beyond the grave? Sleep in comfort wrapped by the cool darkness of a moonless night?

Then you might be an expert at Casting a Shadow?

Other practitioners of magic prefer fire, lighting or ice as weapons, but you prefer the dark stuff. That doesn’t make you evil, per say, but a lot of your fellow practitioners of the dark arts *groan* have a thing for skeletons, mind warping and instilling sheer terror on their enemies. It maybe be because of the way shadows imitate life or how they represent the darkness of the grave.  Certainly hordes of long grasping dark tentacles reaching out to steal the bodily heat from your foes doesn’t help.

But if you’re in the market for something different, a bit spooky and dark, then you might read up on Casting a Shadow.



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