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TV Tropes Monday: I Don’t Like the Sound of That Place


Tweet of the Day:  Willow


Bad places acquire ominous names, that is why I Don’t Like the Sound of That Place. A naming/world building trope designed to fulfill several functions. The first one gives the world a sense of history through a connection to past events. A name of a place reflects past occurrences, such as The Field of Bones might refer to an ancient battlefield where a bloody battle took place. The Hellmouth might allude to a literal entrance to Hell or an active volcano.  These names serve to warn the unwary of danger or perhaps lure hapless adventurers all to eager test their metal against the doom that surely awaits them.

The second is comedic. The dark barrow might be filled with fluffy domesticated bunnies ( FYI, keep away from any borrow named Watership Down) or the Forlorn Meadow might be inhabited by an old witch who spends most of her time knitting socks for her grandchildren.  Either way, this will be a place that few will forget.


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