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Mass Effect/AEC: Soundtrack Side A


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Mass Effect/After Earth Chronicles (c.1-c.2)

  1. Main Theme (Revolution Wavelen Remix)
  2. Always the Same/We Stayed Behind (Leaving Earth-ME3 OST)
  3. Galeena’s Lament (Nothing’s Burning-Telepopmusik)
  4. Welcome to Milgrom (Information High- Sharon Apple)
  5. Theo Takes Command (Normandy Reborn-ME2 OST)
  6. To Preserve & Protect (Rannoch-ME3 OST)
  7. Rannoch Celebrates (Free to Go- Alex Sayz Feat. Ali)
  8. Dreaming of Better Days (Don’t Carry it All- The Decembrist/Lindsey Stirling and Shaun Canon)
  9. Hunting the Assassin (A Cerberus Agent-ME3 OST)
  10. She Dares to Love/Miranda is Free (Break My Soul-Hybrid)
  11.  A Talk with Patriarch (Embracing the Afterlife Remix-Lo Fi Epic)
  12. Assault on Avernus Station (In League with Cerberus- Immediate Music)
  13. You Can Not Kill an Idea (Illusive Man Theme + Mission Ending ME2 OST)
  14. Kill’em All/Torfan (Short Change Hero- The Heavy)


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