Weekend Writing Warriors- /#8sunday/09-06-2015: Grumble, Grumble, Grumble

17920-www_bannerWelcome to another edition of the Weekend Writing Warriors blog chain. This weekend snippet comes from a new project I am working on. Yes, I know, too many projects, too little time. This time around a young adventurer seeks to rid a nearby village of the evil that plagues it by traveling into a nearby cave complex and clearing it of the monsters that live there. And yes, before you ask, there is a reason why most of the snippet is in italics. You are free to guess why that is in the comment section below 😉

Thirty gold pieces for a lousy sword. Here I am, going into the Cave of Ominous Rumblings, by the way who ever named this cave has a knack for welcoming friends and neighbors, to kill the goblins and they still try swindle me. I am up to here with greedy shop keepers. I need the sword to kill goblins but oh no, it is thirty gold or nothing. So now I have to slay nasty, filthy, smelly goblins with that rusted bladed I pulled out of that bandit corpse in the Three-Fold crossroads.

Lost in thoughts, the brave adventurer did not notice the dilapidated tombstones that poked through the over grown grass along the path to the cave. They did not ignore the ominous rumble beneath their feet. Skeletal limbs broke through the soggy sod.

Heads up!

There you, another Sunday, another snippet for you to enjoy. As always, feel free to check out the rest of the blog chain by following the link above.


12 comments on “Weekend Writing Warriors- /#8sunday/09-06-2015: Grumble, Grumble, Grumble

  1. I loved the dialogue! This looks to be a really fun read!

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  2. Love the Cave of Ominous Rumblings! With a name like that, what adventurer could resist it?

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  3. It should be “Rumble, rumble, rumble”

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  4. Sounds like someone’s having a bad time. This was a great snippet, a lot of fun to read. Nice work!

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  5. The cave’s name was great, also enjoyed his troubles over the sword he wanted versus the sword he has. Great snippet!

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  6. I also liked the internal grumbling between reality and fantasy. Here is is doing them a favor and they still want to charge him for the sword!


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