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Mass Effect/AEC-ANN News: Earthquakes Shake Strophios


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ANN News Desk on The Citadel

May 11, 2197

Earthquakes Shake Strophios

by By Iris Dunnigan

CITADEL, THE PRESIDIUM-Massive earthquakes shook the surface of Strophios, a colony world on the edge of Asari space. The combination of quakes and massive avalanches shattered the protective dome over the city of Kos, one of many city-states that cover the planet’s frozen surface. Colonized during the Asari’s 2nd Expansion Wave, the colony is rich in Prothean ruins and early examples of exploration era Asari architecture. After the revelations of the goddess Athame origins as a Prothean researcher, Strophios became a pilgrimage site for those who followed the ancient form of the religion. Followers of Athame believe that Janiri, one of Athame’s “guides” was born on Strophios. This also attracted the attention of Hanar pilgrims to the planet.

To avoid involvement in the ongoing civil conflict that rages across Asari space, many of the city-states on Strophios declared themselves to be “neutral and open cities”. However this declaration has not spared Strophios from the fighting. At least two city-states,Chios and Naxos, have been destroyed or abandoned in the last decade. Chios suffered from fighting among rival groups for over 122 days while sabotage to Naxos environmental systems lead to the max exodus of its inhabitants.

The authorities reached out for help to neighboring cities and the Citadel Council, but with  pirate activity along trade routes at an all time high little help has been forth coming. While the use of kinetic barrier projectors contain the damage, thousands remained trapped in damaged areas and the city’s surviving environmental systems suffer from the strain of maintaining the bitter cold at bay. Experts fear that if help doesn’t arrive soon Kos will join the long list of lost Asari cities since the end of the Reaper Invasion.


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