TV Tropes Monday: Street Samurai



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So, you are in the middle of a near future, high-tech, corporate dystopia infused with every vice known to man and multiple-variations dreamed up by legions of speculative writers. What do you do? Well you jack up your meat body with as many electronics as it can take, and arm up with a double order of weapons from katanas to assault rifles and hit the streets.

Do so to the sound of a cool soundtrack while spouting lines from The Book of Five Rings, then you are a Street Samurai.

Introduced in works of William Gibson, the street samurai may or may not wield swords, fight corporate crime or even follow a code, but they are better than the average mook and are from the streets, making them more akin to ronin (masterless samurai) than actual samurai (who, by definition, have a master).

The real reason for this character is the Rule of Cool. Characters like these have access to the latest technology, may use swords in a world of guns, or use guns as if they were guns, or any combination of the two, while wrapped up in the mystic of the samurai. And unlike many a samurai movie, they often run with a group of like minded individuals (the better to play and RPG with) that complement the samurai’s skill set as often as they act solo. Either way, expect a lot of roaming of streets and nations on their way to their next gig, which is almost always going to go sideways in a variety of ways.


2 comments on “TV Tropes Monday: Street Samurai

  1. Johnny Mnemonic comes to my mind! Loved that movie and he was a Gibson hero, yes?


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