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Mass Effect/AEC-ANN News: CoT Renewed for Another Season


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From: Alliance News Entertainment Desk

May 6, 2197

Champions of the Terminus Renewed for Another Season

By Joan Calder

MILGROM, BEKENSTIEN Star Wolf Productions celebrated the renewal of their banner extranet show, Champions of the Terminus, with an elaborate gala in the Zaibatsu Center in Bekenstein affluent North Beach area. A holographic replica of the Victory, the heroes’ flagship, floated above ZC. Dozens of celebrities attended the event, among them Sheryl Stone, who came off the first part of her tour linked to the show (see Sheryl Stone Kicks Off Tour). Her charity event aboard the the SSV Einstein was a hit with the troops and earned over 95 million credits in donations for the refugees of the recent conflict in Chav.

Speculation ran rife through various fan forums as the last episode of the season ended in not one, but two cliffhangers. The first involved Col. Tad Nowak discovery that his ex, Alliance  Military Major Karl Almodovar put a bounty on Agent DeTracy and accused her of being part of Trident, the secretive organization behind the shows events. The second cliffhanger involved a last second explosion aboard the Victory before the episode faded to black. Kiko Diaz, producer and show runner for CoT, assured fans in a recent Q&A that will be more of romantic triangles, more spine tingling action and more clashes with Trident in the upcoming season. He added that Sheryl Stone was hard at work on a new soundtrack for the season.

Veritech Network, CoT main distributor also announced that the show reached peak viewership with a new record of 4.9 billion individual views across Citadel space, a new record for a human produced action-drama series.

The new season starts October 1, 2197.

Report filed by Joan Calder for ANN News from ANN News Entertainment Desk on Bekenstien.


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