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TV Tropes Monday: Amicable Exes



Tweet of the Day: Sci Fi and Me


I often complain, and oh boy do I ever, about the problems with a trope. But when it comes to Amicable Exes, the only problem I have with it is that we don’t see it more often!

I mean, adults acting like adults? Who would have thunk it!

The main reason why this trope is not seen more often is that it robs the story of tension, specially of the Unresolved Sexual type. After all, if the exes have moved on, then there is no tension to be had. Of course, tension can be reintroduced by way of a new romantic interest being jealous of the ex in question which either reveals that: a) the new interest has some insecurities to deal with, or b) the new interest is not worthy of the hero. Of course, the new love interest could see what is going on and think that the hero is exactly who they want to be with because they can handle a breakup with such grace. It also avoids the male character who badmouths his exes as being “crazy”.

What I am really saying is, I want more Amicable Exes, stat!


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