Weekend Writing Warriors: #8Sunday/07-19-15/ The Gate




Welcome to another edition of the Weekend Writing Warriors blog chain. We continue with another snippet from my short story collection, Weirder and Wilder Tales, which is a mix of speculative fiction short stories from high fantasy to science fiction with a dash of horror thrown in for good measure. Most are flash fiction, around a thousand words, but three stories are a bit longer. Today’s snippet is from The Gate,  a post-cyberpunk tale. Detective Malone gets a call from a colleague about a murder in the worst part of an crumbling arcology:

Corporations ruled back then. They remade the world to fit their corporate image. But no one can do everything. It turned out that the bulk of human endeavor did not fit neatly within the confines of the market. The more they did, the less profitable they became. Then the people assaulted the great bastions of corporate wealth, the arcolgies. The glass broke, the profits margins tumbled, the rich left the Earth leaving their drones to survive in gigantic mausoleums.

People still lived here, at the tune of one-hundred thousand or so in one hundred and nine floors. The street at this level were empty, few people lived up here, except the desperate. A rat the size of a wild hare skittered underneath a moldy cardboard box.

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10 comments on “Weekend Writing Warriors: #8Sunday/07-19-15/ The Gate

  1. Wow, great description of an intriguing and very forbidding world.

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  2. Great world building! I love how bleak it sounds, how everything turned on its head. Good job!

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  3. Wow, interesting future, explained and portrayed in one dramatic excerpt!

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  4. Great impact taking the reader from a removed and clinical description to the visceral. RAT! Eww! Very grounding and abrupt. Like it.

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    • Ratties are our best friends, when we don’t feed them garbage of course. A rat gotta live. Also I was going for the film noir/Blade Runner vibe, at least in the opening.


  5. Sounds… lovely. *cough* At least the rats are doing well?

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  6. Powerful descriptions here. I think of so many of the abandoned shopping malls and overgown factories… Very real!

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