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Mass Effect/AEC-ANN News: Operation Hammerfall Ends



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ANN News Desk

On location in Chav

May 5, 2197

Operation Hammerfall Ends

by Lionel Storm

NEW BRISTOL, CHAV–  In a joint press conference representatives from the Hierarchy, Systems Alliance and the Chav colonial government announced that Operation Hammerfall had achieved its main objective of destroying pockets of Cerberus forces in the Terminus systems. Colonel Diadra Puller stated that the redeployment of Alliance forces to Citadel space was already underway. While pockets of resistance remain on the colony, the task of neutralizing them now passes to the colonial militia units with guidance from over a 1,000 Alliance military advisers.

President Riley presented several medals to both Alliance and colonial soldiers. Among them Commander Thompson-Ramos, who received Chav’s highest military honor, the Coeur de Lion. At the same time Prime Minister Hackett awarded the crew of the SSV Kursk with the Parliament Unit Citation for their daring assault of a Cerberus shipyard, where under the command of Lt. Commander James Vega, a team of Alliance marines seized the shipyards and several Cerberus’ warships.

The Alliance also released the latest casualty figures for the operation. An estimated 495 Alliance military personnel lost their lives in the five month battle to restore the lawful government of President Riley. More than 1,600 Alliance Marines were seriously wounded during the same time. Colonial casualties estimates stand at over 600 dead and 2,200 wounded. Enemy casualties were estimated to be anywhere between 2,800 to 5,000 Cerberus soldiers killed. Rebel soldiers losses stand at three times that number of wounded, killed or captured.

General Pavlov Rokossovsky,  joint commander of the planetary militia forces claimed that a new operation to secure the city of Jarvis where the rebellion began, will commence later this month.

Report filed on location by an non embedded reporter.


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