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TV Tropes Monday: Sky Pirate



Tweet of the Day: The Jimquisition: Please Understand


You got your regular pirates, your space pirates, even your under water pirates, but these here pirates are Sky Pirate(s)! The difference? Well, for one they sail the skies, not the seas, can actually walk on deck even if a high enough altitudes their so little breathable air you might as well be in a vacuum, and their ships come in all shapes and sizes from galleons with wings to battleships with rocket engines strapped to their hull.

These stories can be set in all kinds of settings, but often run the gamut from high fantasy to diesel punk. You fantasy variant may have floating islands while the diesel punk ones (circa 1920s) may have low flying dirigibles gliding between the spires of art deco skyscrapers. Either way, expect the full gamut of pirate tropes to be in display with an added dash of old fashioned dogfighting thrown in for good measures is the setting resembles the interwar years. As for tone, it tends to be on the lighter/idealistic side of things with the pirates fighting for fame, loot, and the downtrodden. They might be rascals willing to rob anyone with a air dollar to their name but they will do it with a smile and will not shoot you unless you force their hand.


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