Weekend Writing Warriors: #8Sunday/07-12-15/ Severus the Rogue


Welcome to another edition of the Weekend Writing Warriors blog chain. Right now I am neck deep in editing a short story collection, Weirder and Wilder Tales, which is a mix of speculative fiction short stories from high fantasy to science fiction with a dash of horror thrown in for good measure. Most are flash fiction, around a thousand words, but three stories are a bit longer. Today’s snippet is from Severus the Rogue, one of the longer stories set in a fantasy version of Britain after the fall of the Western Roman Empire. Our protagonist, for hero is to strong a word for him faces imminet execution, not by the axe man’s blade but by a goblin that decided to invade his cell:

I scrambled to my feet. The fat dark rats stood on their hind legs like spectators in a coliseum. The goblin bared its broken yellow teeth and charged. I dodged to the right, but the spearhead nicked my side. I trapped the shafted under the arm and kicked the little green skin on the face. It whimpered, thick red blood trickling down from its piggish nostrils.

“Sorry, it’s between you and me, and I chose me,” I said. The spear sank through the goblins throat spilling more blood on the muddy floor. A pang of guilt welled in my stomach.

Poor little goblin.Β 

He is not completely heartless, just out for number one. As always, please check out the rest of the blog chain by clicking on the link above.




9 comments on “Weekend Writing Warriors: #8Sunday/07-12-15/ Severus the Rogue

  1. Can’t really blame him for wanting to live through the night, no matter how cute the goblin!


  2. I think we are inclined (as writers) to embrace the action, and forget the individual. Nice insight. It makes your character multidimensional and believable. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Wow–fantastic descriptions! Nicely done! πŸ™‚


  4. Well I could certainly picture the scene, terrific description. Dramatic excerpt!


  5. And now our protag needs to go get that nick cleaned because who knows what might be growing in that wound after being in a dank cell….


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