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Mass Effect/AEC-ANN News: Birth of Civilizations Tour Starts



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Alliance News Culture & History Channel

April 18, 2197

Birth of Civilizations Tour Starts on the Citadel

By Gia Rashani

THE PRESIDIUM, CITADEL–  A collection of rare historical artifacts showcasing the birth of the civilizations of several Citadel races went up on display today on the Presidium. This is the first time that these items have been brought together under one collection. They include:

  • Sections of stone murals belonging to the turian Mountain Fortress civilization of Moratin.
  • A collection of clay jars from river valley civilizations from the Eurasian and African continents on Earth.
  • A several quilts displaying the history of the Great Migration of the Houses from Sur’Kesh southern hemisphere.
  • A holographic reproduction of 2nd Millennium batarian sacred scrolls from the Harkapan culture.

The collection will be on display from the 18th to the 25th of this month and then move to Palaven. Both the krogan and quarian governments have pledged to add new pieces to the collection as it makes it way through Citadel space.

Report filed by Gia Rashani from the Citadel.



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