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Mass Effect/AEC-ANN News: Daughters of Essan Launch Terror Campaign

  Tweet of the Day: I am a real person and I stand with Irene Gallo ——- ANN News Desk on The Citadel March 15, 2197 Daughters of Essan Launch Terror Campaign by By Iris Dunnigan CITADEL, THE PRESIDIUM- Emissaries from over a dozen worlds in the Terminus Systems called upon the Citadel Council to […]

TV Tropes Monday: War of Earthly Aggression

Tweet of the Day: Bad Life Decisions: Prologue, Chapters 1 & 2 ——- History repeats itself, no because people don’t learn from it, but because they learn the wrong lessons. How many times have colonist left their homes for distant shores in the hope of finding a lot of wealth, a plot of land to […]

Mass Effect: Ejection

  Tweet of the Day: I Write ——- “Ranger Lead, break right!” Rodan slammed the twin control sticks to the right. A red beam lanced the fighter’s port thruster. The craft shuddered. The Oculus interceptor on his tail pressed the attack. Rodan dove to the ground. Stacks of pre-fabs, rushed past his canopy. Another particle […]

TV Tropes Monday: These Hands Have Killed

    Tweet of the Day: We Happy Few Interview ——- Not all protagonist are trained killers with a casual, even irreverent relationship with death. They don’t serve as Death’s right hand or God’s appointed Angel of Retribution. To them death is something to be feared, something that happens to someone else and certainly not […]

Weekend Writing Warriors-/#8Sunday/06-07-2015/From the Frontlines

    Welcome to another edition of the Weekend Writing Warriors blog chain. This time we are mixing things up a little bit with a snippet from my ongoing urban fantasy serial, Wizards’ World War. Five minutes from today the world discovers that magic is very real, and very dangerous. This plunges the globe into […]

TV Tropes Monday: Trapped Behind Enemy Lines

  Tweet of the Day: Frivolous Hobbies ——- War, as they say (whoever they are), is hell. It is blood, guts and unless your film is a piece of propaganda, very little glory. The threat of death and defeat, the chaos of combat, the contest of arms serves as the perfect set up for a […]