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TV Tropes Monday: Clingy Jealous Girl



Tweet of the Day: The Tides of War dragged me in!


Hey look, Yui seems to be really into you, man. The way she hangs on your arm, the look she gives you when you make a joke. But wait, why is she staring at Yang like she wants to slam her head against the nearest wall and then throw her into a bonfire?

Seems like you got a bad case of Clingy Jealous Girl on your hands.

Oh boy!

The key to this trope is no the jealous bit. After all, characters can display jealousy for a variety of reasons and situations. The thing to look out for is the clingy and the girl. Clingy often serves as a short hand for needy while girl can mean either someone who is young or immature to the point of being infantile. There is no doubt we have all encountered a person fitting one or both of these categories, specially when we are writing about teens who are dealing with the new found mix of emotions and hormones. But when it is applied to adult women across the board it tends to diminish them by treating them as children.

It can also encourage the poisonous idea that “X stole my man,” which translates to “Men have no control over the sexual urges,” by making relationships a competition between women instead of  willing partnerships between consenting teenagers or adults. I can’t tell you all the ways that is wrong. So the next time you want to drop this little gem in your writing, do so with care. It can be hilarious or horrifying and not for the author’s stated reasons.


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