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Space for Rent: But Not Too Gay

By word of the Supreme Court of the United States of America, same sex marriage is legal across all fifty states plus colonies/territories. But something has been bothering me for sometime. It’s nothing new to many of you gentle readers, regardless of where you fall/identify in the gender spectrum but I’ve noticed a trend that is disturbing:

“Sure you want gays on media. Okay, lets have these two hot ladies kissing each other half naked in a shower.”

“How about at least one of them who is not traditionally feminine?”

“Or how about two men?”

“Oh…well that would too gay, and we can’t do that.”

You see, even as change occurs on one area, the culture, or more to the point, those who shape it, try to steer it back to the status quo. Why are two women expressing affection or sexual attraction okay while two men are not? Because of people like me. Or more to the point, an attempt to play to people like me.

Straight males.

Two women = threesome fantasy.

Two guys = Eewww!

Simple as that. You can have gay men, or transsexuals or bisexuals as long as they stay in the corner, “act gay” but never actually show emotion/attraction to males (if they are male or identify as male) because our poor heterosexual hearts can’t take it.

Its called tokenism.

It means we have a long way to go.

That I have a long way to go.

This ain’t over yet.

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