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TV Tropes Monday: Implausible Fencing Skills



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Swords are cool, which makes swordsmen (or ladies) cool, and in world full of guns, it makes them even cooler. But in order to survive in a world full of little lead projectiles flying at supersonic speeds you need some more.

You need Implausible Fencing Skills.

Things like cutting a bullet in half (which in reality, if you could pull it off would lead to two bullet holes, instead of one),  casually deflecting or dodging said bullets, running at or faster than the speed of sound, leaping and twirling, oh and before I forget, cutting a mountain top or two. Granted that one comes from a time when everyone had swords but still, cool. It might come from a specific weapon, the superhuman skills of the wielder or any combination of the two. But remember, if you are going to deploy this trope, you just chucked any sense of realism out the nearest window, with a cannon, to be sliced in half by a sword, of course.

This trope runs on 111% Rule of Cool, because 11 is one higher.



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