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Mass Effect/AEC-ANN News: Daughters of Essan Launch Terror Campaign



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ANN News Desk on The Citadel

March 15, 2197

Daughters of Essan Launch Terror Campaign

by By Iris Dunnigan

CITADEL, THE PRESIDIUM- Emissaries from over a dozen worlds in the Terminus Systems called upon the Citadel Council to put a stop to the actions of the Daughters of Essan (see: War on Lorek Ends), a group of asari commandos that have launched a guerrilla-style campaign against said governments. They also accused the group, known as the Chainbreakers, with coordinating their actions with Daughters of Essans. These attacks include raids on marketplaces, brothels,and industrial centers. They also engaged in a series of assassinations of high level colonial officials across the Terminus.

ANN own reporting showed that many of these targets were associated with or connected to the slave trade. A recent target of an assassination attempt, one Simon Threws, was rumored to employ dozens of “entertainers” aboard his private space station in orbit around an as unnamed gas giant in the Hourglass Nebula. Threws survived the attack on his home but Marigold Station crashed into the gas giants depths.

A Council representative reminded the assembled emissaries that the Terminus Systems were beyond the Council’s jurisdiction, often by choice of the colonist, but stated that the Council would look into any illegal activities within its borders.


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