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TV Tropes Monday: War of Earthly Aggression

Tweet of the Day: Bad Life Decisions: Prologue, Chapters 1 & 2


History repeats itself, no because people don’t learn from it, but because they learn the wrong lessons. How many times have colonist left their homes for distant shores in the hope of finding a lot of wealth, a plot of land to call their own and a bit of freedom only to have the home country call and say, “Hey you, you belong to us!”

Cue the fighting, and when the fighting occurs in outer space and it is Old Cradle calling, it becomes a War of Earthly Aggression.

Whether the colonist are claiming religious/political freedom, fair representation or want to dodge those pesky taxes, the home world doesn’t agree and sends forces to quell the rebellion. Expect a mixture of American Revolution pitch battles with a large dollop of guerrilla movements and the like. Often both sides are cast as morally ambiguous in as much that while wrangling the rebels by force might be a bit of an overreach but ramming a city with a gigantic cargo transport at light speed and incinerating everything at a thousand kilometer radius won’t win you any popularity contests.

The fact that these wars happen in distant worlds also tends to eliminate the presence of those pesky natives caught in the crossfire between humans fighting for their rights, and only their rights.


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