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Mass Effect: Ejection



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“Ranger Lead, break right!”

Rodan slammed the twin control sticks to the right. A red beam lanced the fighter’s port thruster. The craft shuddered. The Oculus interceptor on his tail pressed the attack. Rodan dove to the ground. Stacks of pre-fabs, rushed past his canopy. Another particle beam cut a swath through the jungle. Rodan jinked the fighter in a desperate attempt to shake off his pursuer.

The calm voice of the craft’s virtual intelligence came over the speakers in Rodan’s helmet, “Starboard thruster at 133%. Overheat imminent. Shut down sequence on stand-by. Please, initiate landing procedure to avoid collision with terrain.”

Rodan did the opposite. He pulled into a steep climb. The speed dropped on his helmet’s heads-up-display. At the last moment he pulled on the ejection lever. The entire cockpit separated from the stricken fighter. The Oculus rammed the remains. It disintegrated on contact. The VI tried to steer the cockpit clear of the debris only to crash through a window of a nearby pre-fab.

Rodan crawled out of the shattered cockpit. Dark green streaks stained the inside of the building.

Well, at least I am-

The appearance of the gigantic mechanical floating eye interrupted his thoughts. Its cracked lens turned a deep red. Rodan dove out of the way as the particle bean disintegrated the cockpit and blasted the remains through the wall. Rodan’s rolled right through a hole on the floor. He fell down backwards and landed on a muddy pool at the bottom. The Oculus floated down to the jungle floor. In desperation Rodan leveled his machine pistol at the thing and fired. One of the rounds broke through the lens casing. That opened the way for the rest to punch through the interior. Red sparks arched around the machine, then it detonated. Propelled by the explosion, Rodan slid back several meters. It took him several minutes to regain his composure. Before he got up he checked his omni-tool. The holographic interface fizzled then died.


He slipped in the mud as he tried to get up. He stayed faced down for another minute then managed to get up again.

Thank the ancestors this armor still works. Let see: water filter, check; spare thermal clip, check; omni-tool, busted; radio, short range, useless; emergency rations….

He glanced at the wreckage of the cockpit.

Also useless. Weather?

A loud thunder clap rent the sky open. A curtain of water descended on Rodan head.

As per usual. Time to bug out. I’m sure that thing radioed for help and I don’t want to be around when its buddies show up.

Rodan walked into the jungle trying to put as much distance between himself and his enemies.



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