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Welcome to another edition of the Weekend Writing Warriors blog chain. This time we are mixing things up a little bit with a snippet from my ongoing urban fantasy serial, Wizards’ World War. Five minutes from today the world discovers that magic is very real, and very dangerous. This plunges the globe into a catastrophic conflict between the once hidden magical communities and the powers that be. This is a global war and now it envelops Britain as the government turn their guns on their own people:

Sergeant Mays handed him a steaming cup of tea.

“Hot?” asked Rivers.

“Won’t be for long in this awful cold, Sir,” said Mays with a lopsided grin.

Rivers downed the beverage in one long gulp, “Thanks.”

“I reckon no Gunner has seen this type of action since the days of Bonnie Prince Charlie, sir” said the Sergeant. He covered his cup to protect the contents from the unusually bitter cold.

Not since the Jacobite’s rebellion had British cannon fired on their own citizens. Be they rebels or bystanders. The irony of history both past and present did not escape the men, both born north of the border.

History repeats itself in unusual ways. As always, please check out the other members of the blog chain.


9 comments on “Weekend Writing Warriors-/#8Sunday/06-07-2015/From the Frontlines

  1. Great snippet! Really liked the last paragraph. 🙂


  2. I like how you draw the historic parallels into the piece while making it very modern. Only thing… the “steaming cup of tea” kept hitting me oddly… then I realized I was mentally rewriting it as a “steaming pile of S***”…. which I’m very sure was NOT your intention. But it certainly created an interesting impression of the snippet.


  3. Is it an ice age or a border skirmish?


  4. At least there will always be tea! Love the historical parallels- kind of chilling.


  5. Very interesting premise for the novel and the scene read realistically to me – well done snippet!


  6. I am looking forward to watching this unfold.
    Brilliant premise. Really enjoyed the paradox of the prosaic tea in the face of calamity.


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