Weekend Writing Warriors- /#8Sunday/05-31-2015/Do Not Suffer A Witch to Live



Welcome to another edition of the Weekend Writing Warriors blog chain. This time we are mixing things up a little bit with a snippet from my ongoing urban fantasy serial, Wizards’ World War. Five minutes from today the world discovers that magic is very real, and very dangerous. This plunges the globe into a catastrophic conflict between the once hidden magical communities and the powers that be. In this snippet a young Arthur are about to finish their mission, open an escape routes to other mages and their families. Arthur starts having qualms about killing the National Guard soldiers that man the check point:

I noticed the unit insignia. These guys were not regular army, “Damn.”

“What? You worried about these weekend soldiers?” Ricardo said. He pointed to the book on the floor.

I opened it on the bookmarked page. On the top left corner a note read, “Obey thy Lord.” An arrow pointed at a highlighted passage.

Thou Shall Not Suffer a Witch to Live.

“Okay, Samara, send the signal and reestablish the field around us.” We walked away, cloaked in Samara’s illusion.

Mission accomplished.

You can follow the serial by clicking the link below the banner. As always, make sure to read, comment and subscribe to the many excellent blogs that are part of the chain. Cheers!


11 comments on “Weekend Writing Warriors- /#8Sunday/05-31-2015/Do Not Suffer A Witch to Live

  1. Samara seems to be very useful to know and have around. Nicely done. Looking forward to the action!


  2. Interesting premise you’ve got going there! Plus, you made me miss BSG. Though that isn’t hard. 🙂


  3. Those camouflage cloaks are great!


  4. Great snippet! Color me intrigued!


  5. Yay for using religion as an excuse to hate and kill. 😦 People, I swear…


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