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Mass Effect/AEC: ANN News-Timeline for February 18, 2197



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ANN Central Studios, Vancouver, North American Union, Earth, Sol System, Local Group, February 18, 2197

ANN: Timeline with Richard Garrett


Richard Garrett– This is Sunday, February 18, 2197 and welcome to another edition of Timeline. As always we have in our panel today, Lydia Mugabe, head of the University of Cambridge department of history and contributor to Forward! the premiere military publication in Alliance Space, Jakob Johansen, author of Colonial Commerce, and from the Citadel, our chief ANN correspondent, Amita Quita. Welcome all to the program.

Last year we discussed the weakness in Alliance strategy. Since then we learned that the Alliance had a program to arm and equip colonial militias led by Theodore Thompson-Ramos. In the wake of the collapse of Thompson-Ramos Security the Terminus systems has exploded in a new wave of violence and war. Batarians fight to reclaim their home world from Reaper remnants, Alliance and Turians forces launched a new offensive against a resurgent Cerberus and terrorist activity rose by as much as 44% including two major attempts within the Citadel, the seat of the Council. Lydia, does this means the Alliance Military flaws have come to roost?

Lydia Mugabe– The creation of T-R Security shows that the Alliance understood its limitations and tried to rectify them. However, as well meaning as that effort was it seems to have failed to forestall the return of Cerberus.

Jacob Johansen– But Lydia, colonist have be reticent to work with the Alliance in the past. T-RS provided a means to defend these colonies without risking tensions between the Alliance government and recalcitrant colonies.

Amita Quita– And it seemed to have worked. Approval ratings for the Alliance among colonist in the Skyllian Verge and the Terminus systems is an all time high, around 58%. If you factor in the approval ratings surrounding Commander Thompson-Ramos it jumps another five to ten points.

Richard Garrett– Even after Cerberus reemergence?

Amita Quita– I haven’t seen any polling on that topic, yet, at least not one that touches on the popularity of the Alliance. That may change if the fighting on Chav continues. Prolonged wars in distant lands always erode public opinion.

Richard Garrett– The Alliance Military have just released their official casualty numbers for the first month of fighting: 395 dead and twice as many wounded or missing. These don’t appear as heavy as first expected.

Lydia Mugabe- Richard, those expectations are distorted by ignorance and misunderstandings. First of all, the current ratio of combat personnel versus support troops stands around five to one on ground forces and eight to one for naval units. That means that out of fifty thousand troops sent to Chav, only five thousand will be available for actual front line operations. A look at the numbers released shows that one in five marines deployed became a casualty. When casualties reach twenty percent commanders start to worry about the long term fighting capability of their units.

Richard Garrett– Even then these figures sound light compared to past conflicts.

Lydia Mugabe– Each conflict is different. For example, no conflict in human history exceeded the numbers of the Second Global Insurgency, which was fought over decades across the globe. Then came the Reaper Invasion and one third of the total human population on Earth was harvest or killed in just eight months. So, for the scale of the fighting and the forces involved these loses are significant. Besides the fighting is not over yet.

Richard Garrett– Still, it seems that the current situation is do, in no small part, to a critical failure of the Alliance’s intelligence services. That will certainly shake’s the public confidence about the Alliance ability to defend them from present and future threats.

Jacob Johansen– Not to mention that it may embroil the Citadel races in a major conflict in the Terminus Systems, something the avoided even at the best of times, and economically, none of the races are anywhere near their best.

Amita Quita– Makes you wander what other threats they missed.

Richard Garrett– And with that thought we conclude this Sunday’s program but not before we honor those who fell in the recent fighting on Chav. These names comes from the list of casualties released by the Alliance Marine Corp and are listed here with permission of their families.

Maj. Baker, D.

Pvt. Santos, M.

Sgt. Schilling, S.

Flight Lt. Basters, O.

Cpl. Fitzroy, W.

Lt. Alexandrov, V.

Sgt. Singh, H.

Pvt. Rashid, L.

Pvt. Malik, P.

Capt. Morales, J.

Maj. Jones, H.

Lt. Col Woodward, S.

Lt. Sobral, A.

Capt. Vercesi, J.

Lt. Kovacs, V.

Sgt. Winters, T.

Richard Garrett– As always, our thoughts and prayers go to the service personnel and their families.


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