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TV Tropes Monday: Broken Base



Tweet of the Day: A Proposal at Sword Point


Something happened in the fandom, because something always happens in the fandom, and when that something happened, the fandom shattered into a million pieces and a billion repetitive arguments.

Welcome to the Broken Base.

But why should an author care about such things? After all, fandoms are notorious for doing what they want, when they want it. Yet the fans are the ones that buy the books, watch the movies and play the games. Feeding the fandom can become a obsession for the content creator. Give the people what they want keeps them coming back for more. Yet, in a broken base situation, where the fandom is split due to an action by the author, the author is left with a few choices:

  • Ignore the naysayers and continue to feed the staunch loyalist even if they are a tiny section of your audience
  • Desperately try to “fix” what went wrong and risk pleasing no one.
  • Ignore everyone and plough on, in the hopes that the silent majority among your fan will sustain your efforts.

It can get so bad that the audience may seek to kill the author (metaphorically, I hope) in order to get what they want, putting the author outside of their own creation.

Sadly, this is the kind of problem that lacks easy solutions. Each content creator(s) has to deal with this as best they can.


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