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Welcome to another entry into the Weekend Writing Warriors blog chain. This snippet is taken from my WiP, Lessons of War. Three hundred years after the death of the last Emperor of the Third Dynasty, the Throne of Stars, the seat of the galactic empire sits empty. But the recent death of the Duke and Duchess de Havilland has altered the status quo. The conversations between Duke de Havilland and Margaret continues in the battlements of Caer de Havilland:

It made sense. She always did. While I learned at my father’s knee how to be a ruler she learned her craft from hers. The question of my parent’s death remained. While it might have been an accident the list of those who would benefit from their deaths was too long to ignore. Trust was all I had left. But trust was earned, not given.

I looked Margaret in the eye, “What do you know of the Lady Andrea of House Kaiser?”

Looking forward to the answer? Whatever it might be, it certainly will be interesting. As always make sure to check out the rest of the blog chain for cool snippets from great authors.


9 comments on “Weekend Writing Warriors/#8Sunday/05-17-2015/-Trust

  1. Sounds like he’s got his work cut out for him. Glad he’s got an ally- I hope!


  2. Hmm, a precarious position. Will she deserve any of his trust?


  3. I look forward to finding out if she earns his trust. Definitely a difficult position to be in for him. Great excerpt.


  4. Great snippet! Can’t wait to find out what she learns, and if the trust will be betrayed or not. 🙂

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  5. Liked as usual. Only thing was the “House Emperor” (Kaiser = Emperor in German)… threw me a bit. That said… sounds like Margaret is going to be put through her paces and soon.

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  6. I like Margaret, wonder what she’s planning to get from all this. You’ve certainly created an interesting world here! Great excerpt…


  7. Nice excerpt. I felt the tension in the Duke… to trust or not to trust? Well done.


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