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Space for Rent: Skin Deep

“Race is not real, it is a social construct.”


“There is no such thing as race.”

True, from a purely scientific point of view. The differences between the “races” of humanity is literally skin deep, a mixture of melanin and dietary adaptations. You can not find any significant markers at the genetic level, except for these superficial adaptations. Nothing that would constitute a separate race of Homo Sapiens.


I feel a sense of erasure when people utter these words, specially when they dribble from the mouths of straight white Europeans. It is the same feeling I get when somebody says, “Ugh, it’s just a piece of land!” or “Nationalism is vile!” A sense that for the winners of the last 500 years that any reminder of any cultures or cultural forms outside the established Eurocentric world view are not important, not necessary. Implicit in these words is the idea that others not only don’t matter, but that they don’t exist.

Who the hell are you do decide that other people’s identities are no longer valid?

Do you apply the same standards to your own race, culture or identity?

Or is it that those things are so prevalent, so ingrained, so forcefully enforced/reinforced that you can not see them for what they are?

Why do you feel so uncomfortable when others express themselves, accept themselves in such ways?

Are you afraid that if other assert themselves that who/what you are will cease to be?

Or do you realize that those racial constructs exist to impose an artificial order on our societies, one that creates winners and losers from birth?

Think about that before you say that race/ethnicity/religion or nationality do not exist.

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