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Mass Effect/AEC- ANN News: Alliance Captures Cerberus Shipyards


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ANN News Desk on The Citadel

February 12, 2197

Alliance Captures Cerberus Shipyards

by By Iris Dunnigan

CITADEL, THE PRESIDIUM- The Systems Alliance military announced that earlier this month a wolf pack of Alliance frigates supported by fighters from the carrier SSV Hawking launched an operation to neutralize a Cerberus shipyard in orbit around the planet Zathras  (Nile System, Voyager Cluster). The Alliance force claimed the destruction of an entire enemy fighter wing. But the operation netted more than just destruction of Cerberus forces. An Alliance Marine’s assault team managed to capture three cruisers under repair within the shipyards. Two had suffered extensive damage in the fighting around Chav (see D-Day on Chav) while the third was under construction. ANN military consultant, Lydia Mugabe, expressed the hope that the Alliance will extract valuable intel from the captured ships.

Based on the discovery of the shipyards in this region of space the Alliance Parliament has announced the deployment of units of the 10th Frontier Division to scour the Voyager Cluster in search of other possible Cerberus facilities.


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